joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Amazing Leonidas Chocolate

Leonidas Kesdekidis, a typical Greek person was the founding father of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates. His firm contains his name as the creator of this company who can make amazing pleasures like pralines, truffles and various incredible chocolate varieties. Mister Kesdekidis visit Brussels in 1910 and a bit afterwards getting married one of many residents making him choose to get settled in the said place. He created a substantial variety of pralines in the location positioned near to Rempart de Moines for a living. His method of mixing world-class high quality and also the ideal cost is still irresistible up as of today. Leonidas' products are significantly distinctive from the chocolates of other brand names. The truth that only Leonidas gets the most problem to the freshness of the chocolates can make it distinctive and hard to beat. Whereas at Leonidas, the chocolates will be boxed on the day that the customer's order is obtained. Other chocolates' top quality of freshness could be risked for the need of durability. At Leonidas, durability isn't a issue because the packaging system - instead the primary problem is to not compromise the standard of the create in other terms.  Most delicious chocolate makers use organic fats on the chocolates but Leonidas they like to utilize authentic cocoa powder butter. Because the extremely high criteria that Leonidas got they were capable of get the ISO 9001 document for the produce's high quality, which in addition is extremely over the necessary requirement of producing chocolates.