sâmbătă, 15 decembrie 2012

Chocolate Poisoning in Kittens and Cats

Cats are famous for consuming things they aren't expected to. This is often a risky mixture when there exists chocolate around. Also, felines have an fantastic olfaction, which makes it with relative ease for them to discover secret hiding places for any chocolate. Chocolate includes specific components which can be dangerous to pet cats: caffeine and theobromine. When absorbed, these two substances can cause numerous medical problems and might show lethal to your pussy-cat: vomiting, greater temperature, increased reflex reactions, fast respiration, diarrhea, muscular rigidity, minimal blood pressure levels, convulsions, increased pulse rate, cardiac malfunction, weakness, and coma). The quantity and kind of chocolate eaten can also be significant, since they will be deciding elements for the seriousness of the poisoning.