sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

Italian chocolate

                                                    Maglio Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

The Maglio Chocolate firm boasts 130 years of activity, marked by specialities that combine recipes from the ancient local tradition with a chocolate that is the result of meticulous, ongoing research. Among the numerous prizes won by the Salento firm, the most recent was awarded on June 2003 in Palazzo Accursio in Bologna. 

                                                     Slitti Chocolate Bars & Chocolates

The Slitti Chocolate Company was established in 1969 as a coffee roasting workshop by Luciano Slitti, who decided to make coffee on his own. In 1998 the Slitti family decided to add another colonial product to coffee and thus had the idea of starting to manufacture chocolate.

                                                L’Artigiano Chocolate Bars and Chocolates

The Gardini's story began in 1962 when Mr Gastone Gardini and Mrs Maria Gianfanti opened a bakery in Terra del Sole. After 14 years, they were driven by a strong desire of producing cakes, and they opened in 1976, the “Pasticceria Le Perle”, at Lido di Spina on the Adriatic coast. This shop is still today an important reference point for all tourists who love sweets.

                                                                 Pernigotti Chocolate

Since 1860, Pernigotti has been one of the leading Chocolatiers in Italian confectionary offering top quality confections from the Piedmont region of Italy. Pernigotti Chocolate is known for traditional Italian favorites including Gianduiotto and Cremino.

                                         Domori Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Bars

Producer of premium, award-winning chocolate products, Domori Chocolate offers a line of Italian chocolate bars and cocoa powder which is among the elite of Italy. The Domori lines of Single Origin, D-Fusion and others offer exquisite and original taste. 

                                                                     Venchi Chocolate

Established in 1878 by Silvano Venchi, Venchi Chocolate came by its fame through a candy made of ground and candied hazelnuts, covered with chocolate known as “nougatine”. Later Italy's Venchi Chocolate merged with another traditional Piedmont chocolate maker by the name of “Cuba”. Cuba is renowned for his Rum Cuneesi chocolates which are large chocolates filled with a rum and chocolate paste. Today, Cuba Venchi is a small company who favor traditional recipes following strict principles of quality, freshness, specialization, and culture to produce their 250 different products. 

                                                                    Amedei Chocolate

Amedei came into being in 1990, fueled by the passion for chocolate which brother and sister Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri inherited from their grandfather. They travel the world to find the best ingredients for their suberb Italian chocolates. Amedei chocolate is a perfect synthesis of careful ingredient selection, a craft based chocolate production process, and the creativity of true Italian chocolate lovers.