sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

German chocolate - Schladerer chocolate

Since 1844, set in the centre of the Black Forest, Germany, Schladerer has been distilling the best fruits available to generate a large variety of globe legendary brandies and liqueurs. Schladerer captures the taste of ripe cherries, rasberries and Williams Pears to create stimulating after dinner digestives. Now Schladerer has a cooperation with the famous Rudesheimer Confiserie where they've joined the exquisite flavour of the fruit brandies with chocolate. Rudesheimer Confiserie is making the best possible liquor filled chocolates, a best control of the classic confection for more than ten years. This company produces chocolates of the world famous licensed brand Asbach Uralt and distributes these chocolates internationaly. Rudesheimer Confiserie additionally makes chocolates of the popular name Verpoorten Advocaat.