luni, 10 decembrie 2012

Italian Chocolate - Amedei Chocolate

Amedei is a chocolate manufacturing company located in Pontedera in Tuscany region of Italy. Their products range from chocolate bars to truffles and pralines. One of its products, Amedei Porcelana is known as the world’s most expensive chocolate. They obtain the cacao from a Venezuelan region called Chuao. This cacao has been called the best of the world. Chuao is a lengend in the chocolate world. Amedei signed up for world–wide exclusivity with the campesinos for the Chuao plantation. Then began the work of helping the farmers to advance cultivation and bring the chocolate to an international market. Amedei is the only Italian chocolate boutique to have complete supervision over its production process from the cocoa bean to the finished product. Great attention to detail and desire for excellence has earned Amedei the Chocolate Academy of London’s prestigious “Golden Bean” award in the “bean to bar” category for four consecutive years. Cecilia Tessieri is the only woman in the world to claim the title of Chocolatier.