joi, 13 decembrie 2012

History of Neuhaus Chocolate

Having come to Belgium's capital from his Switzerland, Jean Neuhaus opened up an apothecary store in 1857 in the Galerie de la Reine, near to the Grand Place. With help from his child Frédéric, he spent a large period of time and energy in arranging and creating new delicacies to the point where the standard pharmaceutical products progressively finished up generating method for them. In 1912, the year of Frédéric's loss of life, his boy Jean II produced the 1st chocolate-filled bonbons or pralines. They were instantly profitable. They were followed by one more invention. Louise Agostini, Jean's wife, realized the pralines had been obtaining crushed in the paper cornet bags utilized to wrap them up. Along with her partner, she created a present wrap box in 1915 which became referred to as a the ballotin and was after copyrighted. Jean's son-in-law, Adelson de Gavre, took control of the important in the company. In 1958, he produced several very acclaimed pralines for example the Caprice and the Tentation. Suzanne Neuhaus, his wife, specialist in ornament and present wrap. The corporation extended and shops rapidly appeared around the world.