marți, 18 decembrie 2012

Swiss Teuscher Chocolate - Champagne Truffle

Teuscher Chocolates began in the Swiss mountainside in 1932 and the Champagne Truffle continues to be loved all over the world for more than 65 years. Inspite of the technological innovation associated with today`s food production techniques, Champagne Truffle are still being created in the same way it has been, only using the most natural and finest quality elements for example Dom Perignon champagne. The Champagne Truffle includes a dark chocolate ganache center which is fortified with a creamy infusion that contains best Dom Perignon Champagne. Its enrobing contains milk chocolate and it's lastly sprinkled with confectioner`s sugar to make the Champagne Truffle`s unique look. Teuscher Truffles needs to be stored at reduced room temperature - 68 degrees Fahrenheit - and they're ideal if eaten in 10 days.